Under Ground Road blockers are designed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from crashing through controlled entry and exit points.These are especially installed to withstand substantial direct impact forces whilst avoiding the need for deep foundations. Our high security hydraulic road blockers are designed and manufactured by engineers with significant experience in the fields of High Security and Access Control, Delta Barrier is a highly dependable security product. An experienced system design capability along with service and maintenance enables us to provide a swift and efficient solution to all your high security requirements.


It can absorb the impact of 7500kg at 40kph


  • Strong and durable structure, great capacity of weight bearing
  • Stable movement,
  • Low noise;
  • Workable in bad weather environment.
  • Simple and easy maintenance;
  • Compatible with other controlling facilities to achieve automatic control;
  • Manual operation mode can be used in Power off or accidental cases;
  • The raised gate plate can be put back to its horizontal position by operation.


  • Traffic Lights
  • Inset Warning Lights
  • Inductive Loop
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